Avobis Uniquare AG is an independent joint venture between Avobis Group AG and UNiQUARE Software Development GmbH. Together we offer a mortgage processing platform and an integrated CRM solution.

UNiQUARE covers the competence of the software provider, while Avobis contributes the extensive know-how in the administration and processing of mortgages. With this joint approach, customers benefit from the comprehensive, cross-process expertise and receive comprehensive technical and professional advice.

Avobis is an independent financial service provider with more than 23 years of experience in real estate and mortgages. Pioneering spirit, a unique business model and the combination of real estate and mortgage expertise position Avobis as an innovation leader in the entire real estate value chain.

UNiQUARE is a successful, innovative Austrian family company with tradition, which is 100% privately owned. Founded in 1988, the company focuses exclusively on the financial industry and is a leading provider of software solutions based on digitized, integrated end-to-end processes.

Advantages of Avobis Uniquare AG